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Building UI applications with PowerShell in Windows

All started some years ago when I created some Windows Shell scripts such as vbs/batch etc. to automate computer tasks at home and at the company I worked for. After that period, I started to integrate them within some PowerShell scripts. Some of those batch files converted to executables. Short time after I thought, hmm is there a way to build a beautifully crafted UI and bring all those scripts into a single executable without the need to install it? Well, I accepted that challenge and looked around for options. I was seeking a product I can rely on for all my needs such as

• having a universal Scripting IDE for all my administrative as well as web-development tasks;
• having a Windows PowerShell integrated scripting and tool-making environment for x86/x64;
• In-house support or forum access to ask diverse tool making questions when struggling with any problems when using the software, the way I like;
• finally, not to be so expensive, to cover with one license two development machines and to be able to migrate easily the installation across devices when needed.

So, I came across Sapien Software. I went with their 45 days trial version and explored all those nice features they have developed over the years. Shortly after being amazed I went with the commercial license for Sapien PowerShell Studio 2018. Not long after, I needed to have a way to convert my Windows Batch and VBS files into executables, so I struggled, shall I just buy additionally the PrimalScript or why not just upgrade to their Sapien Software Suite S3 2018/2019? So, I did, I bought the full Suite, and it is fun playing around with the different included apps. Their S3 package is now better known as the Sapien DevOps 2019 Version. As of May 2019 and writing the blog post, the package includes the below separate applications:

PrimalScript is the leading Universal Scripting IDE for all your administrative and web-development tasks.
PowerShell Studio is the premier editor and tool-making environment for Windows PowerShell.
VersionRecall is the simplest way to manage multiple versions of files on your computer.
WMI Explorer discover WMI - get a handle on WMI classes and their properties and methods.
PrimalSQL makes database query development and testing a snap, regardless of your database type or vendor.
PrimalXML provides you with the core set of functionality that you need to get your job done.
PowerShell Module Manager is the essential tool for centrally managing all PowerShell modules installed on your machine.
PowerShell HelpWriter the first professionally designed environment for writing and editing Windows PowerShell help files.

Since 2018, I usually work using Sapien PowerShell Studio/PrimalScript/WMI Explorer/Version Recall. 

I am sharing below some screenshots about the happiness I have when using such powerful suite with tools at the fingertips. I am a happy user using the Dark Mode Template :).

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