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Admin Logs Toolkit

The whole package is portable and consists of (x86+x64): 

  • AdminLogsToolkit_signed_x64.exe
  • GetSystemSummary_x64.exe
  • GetEvents_x64.exe
  • Showpriv.exe (both for x64+x86)
  • AdminLogsToolkit_signed_x86.exe
  • GetSystemSummary_x86.exe
  • GetEvents_x86.exe
  • Showpriv.exe (both for x64+x86)

The application is under active development for ~ 2 years. This is version 1.0. I will be glad to receive feedback / new feature requests, etc. Most of the application parts were in .vbs, .bat, .exe and PowerShell scripts. All are bound to a beautiful portable application using the whole Sapien Software 2018/2019 Suite (PowerShell Studio, PrimalScript, WMI Explorer, Version Recall and PowerShell HelpWriter).

The application has been tested under:

  • Windows Server OS: 2008/R2, 2012/R2, 2016*. It should run under 2003/R2 [not able to test yet]
  • Windows Client OS: 7/8/8.1/10*. It should run under XP [not able to test yet]
  • NOTE*: For Windows 10 and 2016 Server builds some limitation applies for Windows Update logs only due to ETW tracing.

To run the application, you will need .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 3.0 and .NET 2.0) only. 


The Data is collected in csv/xls(x)/xml/txt/csv file formats and is set to be saved in the Current Directory where the App is run.

The file is set to look like: (if any)_x64/x86 Architecture. For example: MyPC__SUMMARY_WIN7_SP1_x64.txt , sample.


  • Windows OS activations;
  • FLMTC;
  • User rights; 
  • Get events;
  • MSInfo32;
  • Scheduled Tasks;
  • WhoAmI; 
  • Hotfixes; 
  • GPResult;
  • Windows update log; 
  • VSSAdmin;
  • Network adapters;
  • Proxy Configuration settings
  • Deployment, servicing logs and archive collected logs [ still under development and testing ].

Changelog tab – more information about the application. Information about the help files / documentation etc.

About the project tab - why I wanted to give it a try to create it ? 

App and feature review

Services provided: custom app development with PowerShell, vbs, exe, bat

AdminLogsToolkit by IT-PlayGround.net is a portable tool developed for the x86/x64 Windows OS architecture. While using it you are able to collect different kinds of logs for diagnostics and make your life easier as a sysadmin.

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