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Admin Logs Toolkit

AdminLogsToolkit is a portable application developed for x86 / x64 Windows OS (no installation required). The software can help in automating tasks for the sysadmin to collect different types of diagnostic logs on such systems. Most program elements are in the form of different scripts: .vbs, .bat, PowerShell and .exe programs combined through Sapien Software 2018/2019 Suite (PowerShell Studio, PrimalScript, WMI Explorer, Version Recall and PowerShell HelpWriter) in the respective WPF application format. The application has been tested under Windows Server OS: 2008/R2, 2012/R2, 2016*, Windows Client OSes: 7/8/8.1/10*. NOTE *: For Windows 10 and 2016 Server versions, there are only some limitations, as Windows Update logs are compiled with ETW tracing. 

A .NET Framework 3.5 version is required (includes .NET 3.0 and .NET 2.0). The package consists of (x86 + x64) versions and contains: GetSystemSummary.exe , GetEvents.exe , Showpriv.exe , AdminLogsToolkit.exe : Windows OS activations, FLMTC (filter drivers), User rights, Get system/application etc. events, MSInfo32, WhoAmI; Hotfixes, GPResult, Windows update log, VSSAdmin, Network adapters, Proxy Configuration settings, Deployment, servicing logs and archiving of the collected logs [still under development and test phase].



1. The captured video has no sound.
2. The observed bugs have been resolved in the final version.
3. The video demo of the implemented intranet application is not shown to be the latest updated version for security reasons.

& exported demo log