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IP to Geo Data
Export Tool

The application is created to have a quick option to retrieve an unlimited IP list via JSON HTTPS REST API to export it to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The Geo data that is being retrieved contains but is not limited to query: status, IP. City, country, continent, ISP, ZIP, hosting, proxy, org, currency, mobile, district. The main idea why Svetoslav gave it a try is to combine network security, automation scripting for DevSecOps & perform some QA testing during development under different OSes. Developed in Sapien DevOps 2020 Suite (more precisely in PowerShell Studio) via integrating the API for commercial and unlimited queries over HTTPs using Powershell 5/5.1 x64+x86 Script execution: in memory, dependencies: .net framework 4.5.



1. The captured video has no sound.
2. The observed bugs have been resolved in the final version.
3. The video demo of the implemented intranet application is not shown to be the latest updated version for security reasons.

Demo File: