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Inventory app

Developing and maintaining a custom defined inventory app for the household.
The app is built on PHP and MySQL, with flexibility and responsiveness in mind to manage:
- hardware items,
- hardware vendors,
- software licenses,
- software vendors,
- cables/accessories
- and users assigned to the items.
Besides the traditional authentication, 2FA (Two Factor) is enabled.
1 Month before software license renewal, an email is sent to the admin to know if any software application needs renewal. For hardware items a QR code is created, containing the column data for notes, make/model, inventory ID.
Future roadmap: Blockchain Integration, REST API, scan printed/pdf exported QR codes via mobile developed app and additional features enhancements.


  • 1. The captured video has no sound.
  • 2. The video demo of the implemented intranet application is not shown to be the latest updated version for security reasons.
  • 3. You can see some bugs that have been resolved in the final version.